Healthy Kitchen
Original title: Healthy Kitchen
Category: Gastronomy

Healthy Kitchen

Original title: Healthy Kitchen
Category: Gastronomy

Biodynamic cooking, ayurvedic nutrition and energy management are the new concepts of the food of Healthy Kitchen.

These pages are a journey along a path that Xavier Pellicer began in 2012, when he became interested in biodynamic cooking. This discovery led him to delve into Ayurvedic nutrition and energy management, which led to a fundamental change not only in his professional life but also in his personal sphere, in his way of viewing the world and in the management of the teams he works with. Today, Xavier Pellicer Healthy Kitchen practices a cuisine that has brought about a revolution not only in the way vegetables are treated, but also in the foundations on which haute cuisine has been based to date.

Highlights Healthy Kitchen


Xavier Pellicer is officially the most vegetable-savvy chef in the world.


His eponymous establishment was voted in 2018 and 2019 as the World’s Best Vegetable Restaurant by We’re Smart Green Guide, the leading international green gastronomic guide, and in 2020 he was named Person of the Year.


He has perfectly embodied his philosophy of life in his restaurants, based on the concept of healthy cuisine and his knowledge of Ayurvedic nutrition. 


The healthy aspect is applied from the very moment of purchase from producers closely linked to the organic and biodynamic world. These are vegetables with a different energetic charge, which is transmitted in the dish to produce a sense of well-being.

“The world needs exemplary people to show us the way, new leaders. One of them is definitely the vegetable chef Xavier Pellicer. This book is a tribute not only to a unique chef and delicious cuisine, but also to a beautiful person. Thank you for spoiling us time and time again and for leading the initiative together to give vegetable-based cuisine the place it deserves!”

   Frank Fol, President of We’re Smart Green Guide


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