The School I Want
Original title: La escuela que quiero
Category: Non-Fiction | Parenting

The School I Want

Original title: La escuela que quiero
Category: Non-Fiction | Parenting

In search of common sense: high-level pedagogy from the ground up.

Choosing the school we want for our girls and boys is one of the most complicated tasks we face as a society, just as choosing where to work is one of the toughest choices for our teachers. There are many things to be kept in mind, and many differences between the school memories each of us has and the educational tendencies life today requires.

To help along the way, Mar Romera takes us from these memories up to the present and even into the future, showing how girls and boys today are being taught, with a focus on each person who participates in the educational process. Our perspective as mothers and fathers or as teachers cannot be limited to repeating what we already know or looking for the most contrary option; we can’t just refuse to re-examine things because we’ve always seen them done one way. Our perspectives on education need to be alive and constantly evolving. Mar Romera talks to us about the society we want to build, the importance of educators’ knowledge, and above all, the viewpoint of children, because they are the ones who matter during this new stage in their lives.

This is the first book that asks the key questions about what a family should do before deciding what school it wants for its children, and points out the ones teachers should ask themselves systematically about their own profession.

An essential book for families and educators.

Highlights The School I Want


“In this book, at the school I want, at my own private Hogwarts, respect, difference, creativity, listening, passion, culture, play, diversity, life, teamwork, optimism, gratitude, and childhood will be the determining factors, the intention, the argument behind my way of educating.


“The key to this school, the Hogwarts College of Magic and Spells, the school from the films, the school I want, is putting childhood first. Boys and girls are the protagonists of this film, they have time, space, autonomy, the right to choose and decide, and their choices are important and have consequences. They are a team.”

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