Tapa dura sin s/cub. (cartoné)
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The new vignerons

A new generation of spanish wine growers

Luis Gutiérrez

Editorial: Planeta Gastro
Temática: Cocina | Bebidas
Temática: Cocina | Gastronomía
Temática: Cocina | Vinos
Colección: Vinos
Traductor: AA. VV.
Número de páginas: 272

Sinopsis de The new vignerons:

A refreshing voice and a purist’s detailed look at some of the most complicated and compelling wines in the world.

“I traveled over the course of almost two years with photographer Estanis Núñez, an old friend of mine, just like we used to in our rock‘n’roll days, taking photos, eating and drinking together. This book contains 14 profiles of vignerons, each of them different, spanning most of the wine-producing regions of Spain. There are others, but this is my personal selection. Their profiles talk about the history, landscape, vineyards, cuisine, passion and tradition of their region. You won’t find tannins, anthocyanins, vintages, points or tasting notes here. I am hardly going to talk about wine at all. But you will find the often-forgotten human side and the context of what is in the bottle, including local cuisine (where wine plays an important role) as well as each winegrower’s personal take on it. . Their main aim in life is to portray the uniqueness of their vineyards, villages and landscapes through a bottle of wine. Wine that can transport you back to the time and place it was produced the moment you drink it. These are the new vignerons. A new generation of Spanish winegrowers.”

Tapa dura sin s/cub. (cartoné)
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Ficha técnica

Fecha de publicación: 24/10/2017 | Idioma: Inglés | ISBN: 978-84-08-18019-7 | Código: 10203655 | Formato: 19 x 25,5 cm. | Tinta: Integradas a color | Presentación: Tapa dura sin s/cub. (cartoné) | Colección: Vinos | Traductor: AA. VV. | Sentido de lectura: Occidental

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